Daniel Ninivaggi

Daniel Ninivaggi (pictured above)

Executive Chairman

Edward T. Hightower

Edward T. Hightower (pictured above)

CEO and President

Adam Kroll

Adam Kroll (pictured above)

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Donna Bell

Dr. Donna Bell (pictured above)

Executive Vice President, Product Creation, Engineering and Supply Chain

Melissa Leonard

Melissa Leonard (pictured above)

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Andrew Reyntjes

Andrew Reyntjes (pictured above)

Senior Vice President, Sales, Service & Marketing

Jill Coniglio-Kirk

Jill Coniglio-Kirk (pictured above)

Vice President, People and Culture

Cynthia Maves

Cynthia Maves (pictured above)

Director of Fleet and Commercial Sales

Michael Port

Michael Port (pictured above)

VP – Finance & Controller

Darren Post

Darren Post (pictured above)

VP - Engineering

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