Daniel Ninivaggi

Daniel Ninivaggi (pictured above)

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

Edward T. Hightower

Edward T. Hightower (pictured above)


Adam Kroll

Adam Kroll (pictured above)

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jane Ritson-Parsons

Jane Ritson-Parsons (pictured above)

Executive Vice President-Chief Commercial Officer

Melissa Leonard

Melissa Leonard (pictured above)

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Shea Burns

Shea Burns (pictured above)

Senior Vice President, Operations

Carter Driscoll

Carter Driscoll (pictured above)

VP – Corp. Development, Capital Markets & IR

Steven Slawson

Steven Slawson (pictured above)

VP – Purchasing

Darren Post

Darren Post (pictured above)

VP - Engineering

Chris Kerzich

Chris Kerzich (pictured above)

VP – Government Affairs and Corporate Relations

Cynthia Maves

Cynthia Maves (pictured above)

Director of Fleet and Commercial Sales

Eric Purcell

Eric Purcell (pictured above)

VP - Global Quality

Jeff Mowry

Jeff Mowry (pictured above)

VP – Information Technology

Michael Port

Michael Port (pictured above)

VP – Finance & Controller

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