Angela Strand

Angela Strand (pictured above)

Executive Chairwoman

Rich Schmidt

Rich Schmidt (pictured above)


Rebecca Roof

Rebecca Roof (pictured above)

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jane Ritson-Parsons

Jane Ritson-Parsons (pictured above)

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas V. Canepa

Thomas V. Canepa (pictured above)

VP - General Counsel

Carter Driscoll

Carter Driscoll (pictured above)

VP – Corp. Development, Capital Markets & IR

MaryAnn Sciafuse

MaryAnn Sciafuse (pictured above)

VP - Human Resources

 Shane Brown

Shane Brown (pictured above)

Chief Production Officer

John Vo

John Vo (pictured above)

Vice President of Propulsion

Darren Post

Darren Post (pictured above)

VP - Engineering

John Whitcomb

John Whitcomb (pictured above)

VP – Global Commercial Operations

Chris Kerzich

Chris Kerzich (pictured above)

VP – Government Affairs and Corporate Relations

Cynthia Maves

Cynthia Maves (pictured above)

Interim Head of Sales

Caimin Flannery

Caimin Flannery (pictured above)

Senior Vice President of Business Development

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